P2P-SmarTest organises a business modelling workshop March 2016 at DG Energy in Brussels

As part of the Bridge co-operation (all LCE-06 and LCE-7 projects in 2014 call), university of Oulu as part of the P2P-Smartest activities organised a business modelling workshop in conjunction with a Bridge co-operation meeting in Bussels, March 2016. The targets for the workshop were 1)Identification and evaluation (ranking) of trends and choosing critical trends based on their anticipated impact and predictability of consequences as a homework, 2) Setting up the scenario logic by selecting two unrelated scenario dimensions in three groups in the workshop, 3) Creating the scenarios by building on different perspectives of smart grids and identification of drivers, limitations, and challenges emerging from the created scenarios in the workshop, 4) Assessment of scenarios based on their probability, plausibility, and preferability in the workshop. The 20 workshop participants representing various EU nationalities, background and expertise were divided into three groups, thus creating and assessing twelve (12) original alternative future scenarios toward 2020. As scenarios concern the future, their reliability and validity cannot be assessed. Instead, the probability, plausibility and preferability of the scenarios was assessed by the workshop participants. The report on the workshop has been forwarded to the Bridge Business Modelling group and is serving as baseline document providing policy statements to the commission.

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